Our fellow Portuguese Pedro has now his own brew. It’s ready for order and to drink!

Go and check out hier website at portuguesepedro.com/beer.

Here’s a little overview of what you can expect:

Beer with high hop bitterness, flavor and aroma that goes perfectly with Portuguese Pedro American Roots Music Style.

American Pale Ale (APA) is a style of beer developed in the USA in the 80s. The APAs have a alcohol content around 4,5% to 6,2% with a significant amount of the American Hop Cascade.

The American Pale Ale became an international beer style, with local adaptations, arising in many countrys associated with vertiginous growth of the craft beer market.

General aspects:
High fermentation beer which uses a neutral american yeast. It presents an amber copper color and a persistant foam.

It stands out the strong american hops aroma (cascade, chinook) which excels the citrics, floral and fruity notes.

A nice combination of malt with hops where the hops flavour comes out in a natural way. It presents a middle-high bitterness and it has a dry end.

Type: Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
Hops: Cascade and Chinook
IBU: 45
ALC: 6,0%

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